Tear Out The Heart's Tyler Konersman goes solo for a very Special X-Mas gift

Hey guys!

So for the last week, I had the privilege and pleasure of being a part of a very special video for some very good people and friends. Tyler Konersman, lead singer of Tear Out The Heart approached me about the possibility of shooting a cover video of Demi Lovato's "Warrior" as a top secret Christmas present for his girlfriend Jessica. This past year, Jes was diagnosed with a curable form of brain cancer, that has completely transformed both her and Tyler's lives. After months of Chemotherapy and numerous trips in and out of the hospital, Jes continues to battle her affliction in the most courageous way, just like a true warrior. 

Tyler chose the song because of what Demi Lovato's lyrics mean to Jes, and how they have helped to get her through these treatments and stay strong throughout. To record the song, Tyler enlisted the help of two other amazingly talented musicians - Dan Marsala (Story of the Year) and international touring drummer, Kyle Jordan Mueller. We filmed the video over two days during the recording process and tried to capture the collaborative writing experience of all three musicians as they adapted the pop balled for a more edgier tone.

I hope you guys enjoy, for more on Jes and her journey - Please visit: facebook.com/teamjesrocks