NEW RELEASE: Facing Infamy - "Black and White"

Finally! After almost 3 months of post-production, I am releasing the final of 3 videos that we filmed back in May. Over 8 days, my amazing team and I stormed through music videos for Midnight Hour, New Lingo and Facing Infamy. Each video had a unique sound and concept, that made it difficult to balance between days, while trying to stay focused on which was which. This final video for Facing Infamy's "Black and White" had the biggest pay off, with a concept that spanned several days of shooting and multiple locations to coordinate with crew and extras, it was easily our largest music video production since Fivefold's "Step Back."

In order to give the up and coming band a unique look for their debut video, I dug into my pit of inspiration and pulled from one of my favorite directors, John Carpenter. The title of the song immediately brought to mind the unforgettable imagery from Carpenter's film They Live, and interestingly enough, the inspiration for the song itself had a meaning that was eerily similar to that of the movie.

Facing Infamy claims that the songs is about standing up against those who try to keep you down, especially those naysayers who try to stop you from living out your dreams. In the film, underground rebels release their own television broadcasts to break through the subliminal messages of an alien race that is secretly controlling Earth and through the use of their specially engineered sunglasses, a human can finally see the world for what it really is. I decided to create an homage to the film by combining the two concepts, while eliminating the Alien element and making the band out to be a group of star-eyed rebels trying to free the world.

As another run of videos has finished, so begins a new. As I type this, I am finishing treatments for 2 new videos, as well as notes on scripts for two future film projects. My work is never finished.

Keep watching!