NEW RELEASE: Midnight Hour - "Slaves"

This past May, the metal powerhouse that is Midnight Hour, released their first EP titled "Dark Passenger." I had they hilarious opportunity of working with the band previously on their cover video for Lorde's enormous hit single, "Royals," and was dying to do a video for the guys that genuinely reflected their original sound. So after hearing an advance copy of the new EP, I jumped at the chance of doing a music video for their first single, "Slaves."

As a teenager, I was fascinated with the video styles of Mark Romanek and Floria Sigismondi, and wanted to somehow recapture that lost art of mid-90's heavy metal macabre. I chose Kyle Krupinski as my man behind the camera, he had also wanted to shoot a Nine Inch Nails/ "Perfect Drug" style video for quite some time and was eager to make something different from our previous works together. For our location we chose the genuinely haunted caverns of the historic Lemp Brewery in Downtown, St. Louis, MO. The complex has a rich history of being connected with the tragic deaths of the famous brewing dynasty, but in current times, the building is rented out and used an industrial complex for small businesses. Beneath it though, lies a vast network of tunnels that connect to the underlying caverns beneath Benton Park. 

And while the exciting thought of having real life ghosts surrounding us while shooting the video was enough to get us down there, we actually ended up walking away with a slight chance of mesothelioma. The air in the basement was heavy, and filled with asbestos, and it made it extremely difficult to breathe as the night wore on. We filmed the band in extremely uncomfortable positions, playing up the idea of they themselves being slaves to their female masters. I wanted the look of the video to come off like some sort of lost medical footage used to train nurses on how to handle their unlucky patients. To assist me in this aesthetic, was the wonderfully insane artist - Christopher James Jordan, who didn't mind going a little crazy with buckets of blood and animal parts. At one point, I had left Chris alone for over an hour to do his thing, when I walked in on him dressing a room like something out of a Hannibal Lector film. My reaction was one of grittiness and hilarity, while other crew members had to literally pick their jaws off of the floor after seeing it. 

That's all for now, watch the video, leave your comments below and enjoy!