Hear my interview with John and Kane on Indio Radio NOW!

This morning, I had the privilege to sit down with the awesome dudes at The John and Kane Show on IndioRadio.com to talk about the upcoming World Premiere of my new film, "The Solipsist."

As always, the guys got me rambling on about all sorts of miscellaneous topics and I forgot to mention a couple of important things, mainly:

Without getting too long winded about it... Imagine waking up one morning and coming to the realization that you were no longer in control of the world around you? Many people would say that this is already the case. You are the only thing in this world that you can know to be TRUE, everything else is so unpredicatble, that it might as well be a hallucination. This is the basis for Solipsism.

Our main charcter, Max is a high-powered attorney, who enjoys all the spoils that success brings. That is until he wakes up one morning to find that he's never actually been a lawyer at all - let alone himself. With each sleep, the world around Max transforms uncontrollably, sending him into a downward spiral of madness and sleep deprivation. Tired and alone, Max reluctantly confides in his closest friend, Amy, only to find that she is no longer who he thinks she is.

I have also included my LIVE TWEETS below so you can follow along at home!

So listen to the interview HERE and leave your comments below!