NEW RELEASE: New Lingo - "Night of the Loving Dead"

The month of May was a whirlwind of preparation as I begin working on the feature film "Marshall the Miracle Dog" in June. In the mean time though, I had THREE music video projects in hand that needed to be shot before I became unavailable for the next 30 days. In only 8 days time, my team and I went into production on videos for Midnight Hour, Facing Infamy and New Lingo, almost simultaneously.

The first out of the gate is New Lingo, and for obvious reasons… It has been a dream of mine for several years now to shoot a ONE-TAKE music video. Several attempts with bands like Vice Vega never came to fruition, so I came up with another concept that I believe could actually be achieved this time around. Based on popular one-take videos by Metric and OKGO, I wanted to create an illusion within the camera, by having band members and objects move through time and space while we continuously rolled.

We were grateful enough to have a house loaned to us by our good friend Sean Tiffin of Angry Waffle comedy and with it, I mapped out a path around the first floor of the house that would allow us to achieve such a complex illusion. With the help of a small army of Production Assistants (Jordan Hageman, Taylor Bevirt, Katie Ploesser and Hayley Disteroff), we physically transported the drums and other instruments down small hallways and sharp turns as the camera was just narrowly about to see them.

The 10 hour day of shooting, included set dressing and rehearsal for several hours before we even began to roll. When it was all said and done, we went through 45 takes, before finally narrowing it down to 3 takes that we felt worked best. Between myself and Cinematographer, Kyle Krupinski, we simultaneously watched all three takes at Lamplight Films, looking closely for mistakes and other inconsistencies that would throw off the flow of the video. The final take that you see about was actually about 4 or 5 takes prior to the final shot of the night.

Congrats again to the great guys in New Lingo on a successful shoot and thanks for letting me make this video for them!

Keep watching for more in July!