NEW RELEASE: Fivefold - "Hold On"

I was lucky to be approached once again by the amazing dudes in the band, Fivefold, who were looking to shoot footage of an upcoming concert back in March. Since I had already done the stereotypical "live video" for Tear Out the Heart's "Coffin Eyes," I was a bit reluctant to go out and do it once more. Instead, myself and Cinematographer, Kyle Krupinski met up with the band to discuss ideas about where we could go with a video for the sing "Hold On."

The inspiration for the song and video was their late guitarist, Jesse Berlin and with a handful of old videos of Jesse at our disposal, we began to formulate an idea based on including this footage into the composition. The video would consist of writing a song from conception to performance, incorporating all of the locations that we had available.

We split the shoot into 2 days, spending the first at the band practice space where we redressed a warehouse to fit our needs for the story. The second day took place at the band live performance at St. Louis' The Firebird. The sold out show gave us exactly the type of crowd you need to capture a purely RAW performance deserving of a live video, and I cannot thank that crowd enough for feeding energy to the band and allowing them to feed it back to the camera. 

It was an honour to work with the hardest working band in St. Louis once more, and I hope to do so once again when their new album comes out in the future.

Thanks for watching!