NEW RELEASE: CeCe Frey - "Dead 2 Me"

Sorry for the absence as of late. I spent the last 2 months traveling and working on pre-productions for some upcoming projects including the brand new music video mentioned above! It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the debut (original) music video for CeCe Frey. I have been working closely with CeCe for over 3 years now, back when she first broke out as a solo performer and after all of her international success on The X Factor (and a few false starts to releasing new music), she finally released her debut single "Dead 2 Me" last week.

What very few people knew, is that we filmed the music video for the single just 2 days beforehand, with the intention of releasing it in less than a week. We had the pleasure of filming at the famous Brock's Auto Salvage in north St. Louis, MO, who were greatly accommodating for not only our crew, but also the large amount of extras that we had waiting all day to be in the video. The salvage yard gave us the raw and gritty backdrop that we desired to contrast the bright and poppy sound of the song. In fact, the 3 acts of the video reflect not only CeCe's style, but also the large artistic range in which she presents herself. 

The first act is very much a red herring. At first listen, one might think that the style of the song deserves a brighter, more lighthearted visual... So we were happy to oblige. Unfortunately, the lyrics of the songs are quite the contrary and borderline on dark and sinister. SO we decided to completely change directions mid stream and send the video into a nightmarish spiral of David Fincher proportions, that would make any ex-boyfriend (or girlfriend) beg for their life.

We've all been there.

Now for all those tweeting and complaining that the video takes a light-hearted stance on domestic violence, here's the thing... You didn't really pay attention, did you... The entire scenario is scare tactic that goes awry after CeCe's fist makes accidental contact with her boyfriend's face. No harm no foul. And what about those awkward sexual advances that he's making towards her... if anything, it seems like self defense to me. Part of the fun of filmmaking is the ability to explore certain scenarios that you would never dream of doing in real life. The thrill of being able to put your Ex back in their place, is a common fantasy for anyone who has experienced a damaging and tormented heart break. 

This is my present to you.