"Coffin Eyes" officially released worldwide...

I am happy to announce that my first music video for a major indie record label was released worldwide today. The video for Tear Out The Heart's second single, "Coffin Eyes" was commissioned by their label, Victory Records back in May and I jumped on the opportunity to get to work with such a talented group of guys once again.

The band was scheduled to perform at The Pageant in St. Louis, MO along side hometown favourites, Story of the Year, whose lead singer, Dan Marsala is a guest vocalist on this track. We used this opportunity to not only film a live video for the band, but to also get Marsala in the mix for some of the staged shots following the performance.

The entire video was filmed on location in University City, MO, on two nights in early June. The first night saw us at The Pageant, in which I had a trusted crew of videographers with me, including Director of Photography - Kyle Krupinski, Jason Gibson (Jason Gibson FIlms) and Schuyler Hagglund (SkyGuy Media). We had a small team of DSKR cameras to capture all of the Behind The Scenes footage, as the band loaded in, set up and eventually prepped to take the stage. Once the show began, we had a RED ONE camera stationed at the sound board to get a nice wide angle of the action on stage. 

We returned to U-City the following week, to follow the band around the strip (known as "The Loop" ) and film them, along with Dan Marsala, as they performed the song while wandering the streets. We got extremely lucky, when we ran into Jason Stubenfield of Iron Age Tattoos, who let us come in and film as he tattooed that band's guitarist, Matthieu Murphy. Getting a small Heartagram tattoo on camera wasn't enough for Murph though, he somehow convinced Jason to switch spots with him and let Matthieu tattoo him as well. The event was a fantastic little bonus to the entire shoot, which also saw us visiting a local favourite, Vintage Vinyl, where the band dug through old records and even found out that their own album was currently SOLD OUT.

Once production was complete, I had the unique task of shipping the footage back off to Eric Richter of Victory Records in Chicago. I pride myself in being a Director/Editor of all of my work, so putting the project in someone else's hands was very nerve racking. But Eric knows exactly what type of look he is going for and also what type of image to give the band, and within 2 weeks, he had a killer first cut that blew me and the band away! 

So here it is, for your viewing and head banging pleasure...