Praise for CeCe Frey's "14:59"

Im a few weeks late on this, but earlier this month we released the first episode of CeCe Frey new web series... "14:59." 

First of all, let's talk about that title for a second... Believe it or not, CeCe's fans (or Warriors as she loves to call them) actually inadvertently chose that title after we released a teaser trailer for it back in June.

 "14:59" was the title we chose for the teaser based on the idea that this web series would show what CeCe was up to after her 15 minutes of fame, and the teaser trailer was alerting viewers that the 15 minutes were now up. Well, the warriors took to that title with such fever that they began speculating what the title was, even going as far as claiming that it was the name of her first single on Wikipedia. So with this in mind we decided to officially christen the untitled project "14:59," and get to releasing its first episode.

I have been working with CeCe on this project for the last few months, and while the first episode is more of an intro of sorts, we have been collecting footage of her adventures over this past summer to include in future episodes. The idea is to chronicle (as best as possible) the writing and recording of her first album, while she travels the country making personal appearances.

Soon after its release, the episode got its first piece of press on , noting how great the idea was in keeping CeCe in the spotlight, while also showcasing some of her new material. 

Keep an eye out for more episodes soon and look for them here!
 (As long as I can sit down and edit this damn site!)