Kyle Jordan Mueller Can't Stop.

So a lot of his fans aren't digging this right now, but touring/studio drummer and viral video superstar Kyle Jordan Mueller is back with a brand new video... sans drum kit. The "Super Bass" cover artist, wanted to change things up a bit and did a brand new cover of Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop," writing his own original lyrics to go along with Cyrus' original vocal track.

Shot over 2 nights in early August, the video showcases Mueller's newfound vocal ability as well as his infectious personality. Party footage was filmed at the famed weekly  "Count It" party held at Danno's Bar & Grille in St. Louis, MO. Surrounded by his closest friend, I was able to capture Mueller in his natural element... having a great time, talking music and living carefree. 

The second night of shooting saw us reunited with producer extraordinaire, Matthew Amelung at Encapsulated Studios. Amelung was responsible for most of Kyle Mueller's early cover recordings, as well as providing the location for his first few cover videos. I was suffering from a brutal toothache, so Kyle's bottle of Fireball whiskey (which appears in the video) was much needed and much appreciated. I decided to continue to show Kyle performing the track in studio, much like his drum covers, to show off his god given musical talents. He is one of the most natural performers I have ever worked with, and once the camera comes on he just shines in front of it. It is very rare to find a subject that really needs very little directing, and Kyle just has a sixth sense for these sort of things.

Keep watching, and I promise next time... there will be drums.