Kyle Jordan Mueller Returns from China... Alive and Rapping!

The rumour is, Kyle Jordan Mueller is dead.

At least that's what I heard on the internet... but I assure you, he is alive and well and is back with a brand new drum cover. This time though, he has switched it up by adding a little rap in the mix. Looking to expand on his musical abilities, Kyle has begun not only covering tracks on the drums, but also covering them vocally. The first of this new experiment comes in the form of 2000's "Forgot About Dre" by Dr. Dre and Eminem.

When I got the call from KJM that this was his next cover, I was a little taken aback, but I assured him that we could do it right and that shooting it in a studio setting would be best way for us to soften the blow to his hardcore audience. We split the shoot between two days and two different locations: AK Audio Media in South County, St. Louis and the Leather Trade Studios in Downtown St. Louis. It is possible that future video may be on location shoots, outside of studio spaces and could even swing the way of more rapping and less drumming, but until then, I thoroughly enjoy this new format!

This was by far the longest post production I have ever had on a KJM video, and it was mostly due to my indecisiveness on how much of each instrument we should show. Especially since we were trying to highlight Kyle's vocal abilities, his drum skills would unfortunately have to take a back seat.

Enjoy the track and leave you comments below!