New White Elephant Logo Premieres with "The Stakes"!

Some of you may or may not know this... But for all of my official film work (projects that I conceived, shot and/or helped create) have been flown under the banner of "White Elephant."

"White Elephant" is the name of my official film production company. It is a name I became attached to about 18 months ago, prior to the release of my short silent film, "HOME." That was the first film project of mine to use the moniker and I have since used it on all other projects that I believed fit the criteria.

With the "The Stakes" officially premiering next week on July 12th, I saw fit to update the "White Elephant" logo and turned to my good friend Will Massanet of Steryo Type Clothing to help modernize the brand. And after much debate between a handful of very cool new choices, I settled on the logo that I felt had the most potential and not only modernized the brand, but also made it memorable. 

Behold and feast your eyes on the new face of "White Elephant" Films.