"The Stakes" Wins Best Editing and More!

"The Stakes" is officially an award winning film, taking "Best Editing" in the Thriller category at the 2012 St. Louis Filmmaker's Showcase.

Despite not winning "Best Director" or "Best Short Film," I was more than happy to accept this award being as that it was the one I wanted more than anything.

The awards ceremony, held at Blueberry Hill in University City, MO, was the grand finale of the entire festival and a fitting end to a night that saw the official premiere of "The Stakes" in front of a packed house at the historic Tivoli theatre.

As I sat in the crowd with my family, friends and crew, I went through a roller coaster of emotions that started out as nervousness (for hoe the film would perform) and ended with relief (that it had succeeded).

 The crowd reacted with every twist and turn. Gasping with shock at moments of intesity and hanging on by the edge of their seats in the film's final gripping moments.


Later that night, we honored once more by Cinema St. Louis when they officially invited our short film to be screened at the 2012 St. Louis International Film Festival in November.

Once again the film will play at the Tivoli Theatre, but this time it will be shown with a slew of films from around the world. Last year's Int'l Film Fest saw the premier of "the Artist," which of course went on to win the Academy Award for "Best Picture." While I hope "The Stakes" is honored with such notable company this year, I expect that it wont be headed to Los Angeles any time soon. 

My ultimate goal for the film is to mainly hit a couple other egional film fests and then make its way online for everyone to finally see. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of and I much desire/look forward to making another short film very soon.

Let's just hope it doesnt take another year.

Thanks for listening,