I just met you... And this is crazy, but here's Vice Vega... with "Call Me, Maybe"

These dudes call me last Monday night. They say "Hey, Perez Hilton is having a contest for this song 'Call Me Maybe' and it's due on June 3rd!"

It may not be the 48 Hour Film Project, but it was definitely gonna be a crunch, especially since the band hadn't even created their own version of Carly Rae Jepsen's monster hit track yet. Regardless, I accepted the challenge and two days later we were hard at work on a new cover video for Vice Vega.

Taking my suggestion to give the video some kind of gimmick to make it stand out in the contest, lead vocalist, Steve Neske, decided to record the enitre song on Apple's GarageBand for iPad and then perform the song as well on the tablet. Despite filming all four members of the band in separate locations, we still had four individual iPads for them to play on, mainly because we didn't decide til the last second that they would not be performing together

The video was submitted on Monday morning, just barely making the deadline for submissions on PerezHilton.com, if anything comes of it, you will here it FIRST here. 

Until then, keep watching