Can Vice Vega Repeat Success with "Where Have You Been"?

As mentioned yesterday, news of Vice Vega's cover version of "Call Me Maybe" on iPads is spreading fast and bringing the band a whole new level of attention. Last week, they decided to give the Perez Hilton "Can You Sing?" contest one more go and reimagined Rihanna's newest hit track, "Where Have You Been."

We had a lil bit more time on our hands this time around, compared to the few days we had making the last video for the contest. But regardless, concepts were few and far between, and we knew that living up to the hype of the last video was going to be a battle (Imagine Christopher Nolan coming up with a movie to follow "The Dark Knight," only no time or money to think about it).

Keeping with the storyline of Vice Vega's "Suburb Sessions," we decided to film in the basement of the house which has been the backdrop of all of our recent cover videos. Unfortunately, it had much to be desired and the stark gray concrete was just too little to work with. I reached into my bag of tricks (or my plastic Rubbermaid tub) and pulled out an army of backdrop cloths, the same ones used on Kyle Jordan Mueller's version of "Marry The Night," and went to town decorating the bland basement.

We created a quick skrim out of a plain white sheet and a couple of mic stands and then backlit it to give the harsh sillouhette you see in the video. On the spot we decided to play around with the idea of black and white, splitting the band into two section and giving them their own designated Yin and Yang.

Everything was rolling along smoothly until my CF card malfunctioned after an hour of shooting some of my best footage ever. We luckily had a back up card, but the footage was lost for good and after an already frustrating afternoon, we were forced to spend and extra hour reshooting everything.

Regardless, the video came out exactly how I had envisioned it (on the spot, mind you) and I am pleased to bring it to you today.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts below.