CeCe gets "Wild"!

I've been balancing multiple projects lately, and thankfully after a year's worth of hard work, I am really starting to get some awesome projects falling into my lap. Over the last couple weeks, while doing conception work and filming the "Broken" music video for Fivefold, I took a few days to pump out a new cover video for the multi-talented CeCe!
MissXtoTheO came through St. Louis recently to film her long awaited cover version of Flo Rida's "Wild Ones." Low on cool ideas, I had been wanting to work with chroma key for a while now and just didn't have the right project to do it with. This video presented me with the opportunity when I realized that we needed something fun and dancey and VERY short notice.
I decided to mix in a little bit of lyric video flair, since CeCe changed most of Flo Rida's lyrics to more appropriately fit her own story. The end result came out particularly well (in my opinion) and I am definitely considering it as one of my most creative and finest works so far in 2012.
Keep watching, and look out for a brand NEW Vice Vega cover video coming this Monday... Check out the pics on Instagram below!