The end of the world comes early... in "Oblivious"

Maybe you've heard about this, but the world is supposed to end this year. You know, December 21st?

Well, what if that day came early? (and I'm not talking John Cusack's floating arc, Woody Harrelson hippie style).

"Oblivious" is the first short film written and directed by "The Stakes'" Executive Producer, Joshua McNew. It tells the story of Charley, a normal guy who wakes up to the greatest day of his life, only it's actually the LAST day of his life.

Created as a short student film for the University of Missouri - St. Louis, the film reunited much of the crew from "The Stakes," except on a much more intimate scale. In lieu of having some who actually knew what they were doing, I served as Director of Photography, but also had the pleasure of cutting together the final draft of the film. My good friend Charlie Springhart plays the main role of "Charley" (Which was a total coincidence, and not written out of laziness). He was naturally the only person who could play this part after I first read the script, and without fail, nailed the part during the shoot, completely embodying the innocence and humor of Charley's "Best Day Ever."

Enjoy and make sure to leave your comments below!