The Vice Vega boys are "Brokenhearted"

The age of the YouTube cover video has definitely come full circle.

As many young, up and coming artists have taken to the social video site to display their talents by filming cover versions of Top 40 pop songs, a select few have actually seen it pay off. One of which is the group Karmin, who's success as a "cover video artist" with videos for Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" and Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" (w/ The Roots) got them noticed by millions and signed to a major label record deal. Their debut album, "Hello" has turned out two singles so far, including the newly released "Brokenhearted."

So here is where we come back to square one, "Brokenhearted" has now stirred up its OWN batch of cover videos and taking a stab at it, are my boys VICE VEGA with their newest addition to The Suburb Sessions.

Enjoy it, let me know what you think below or on Twitter - @Pnasty1984