I had the amazing opportunity recently to revisit some of my first few music videos and sort of fix some issues that weren't a part of my skill set at the time in which they were first released...

Basically, I pulled a George Lucas. 

Last week, OPTION//CONTROL made the tough decision to change their name to Vice Vega, a decision that finally opened up the chance for me to make some of these crucial fixes, while also having the ability to premiere the videos to a whole new fan base. 

Some things you may notice, is the difference in frame rate on "Saw Her There," the video now plays completely at 24fps, instead of the variable rates which were seen in the original. We consciously made the choice from the beginning to have the video seem like it was shot from different perspectives all at the same party. Unfortunately the end result was something of an embarrassment for me ever since. Finally you can view the entire video, the way it should have been seen.

For "Falling Star," I was finally able to add moving text elements via motion tracking. I had originally wanted the logo of the band and other text to be floating within the cityscape during the first few minutes of the video, but unfortunately, I was not skilled enough to pull it off at the time of its release. The new effects were both to mine and the band's liking, so it will be a permanent fixture from here on out!

All videos also include my updated tag at the end and new Vice Vega logos.
Thanks for watching!