Steryo Type Clothing launches its Spring 2012 line!

A few weeks back, I had the privilege to spend an afternoon filming in a hollowed out building alongside the Mississippi River that is currently inhabited by the homeless. A giant hole in the ground, where some large pipe must have once existed, extended down all four floors. The only sign alerting you of its presence was a small warning in graffitti that read: "GLORY HOLE," with an arrow conveniently pointed to the gap.

It was here that we finished a day of shooting that would become the new series of promotional videos for Will Massanet's STERYO TYPE CLOTHING. Launched in the Fall of 2011, Steryo Type began with a modest line of two t-shirt designs. When I met Will at the OZ Nightclub in Sauget, IL during the Tear Out The Heart video release party in November, I fell in love with the style, creativity and attention to detail that he brought to his products. I had to have BOTH shirts... even though one has my greatest fear in life adorned upon its front... a giant gold cobra. I recently learned that snakes are Will's greatest fear also and much like The Batman, he uses its image as a symbol for good... and possible vigilantism. 

Anyway, enjoy the videos and make sure to order your shirts online at STERYOTYPECLOTHING.COM