"Part of Me" launches 6 hours ahead of Katy Perry's music video

What a race to the finish line the last 24 hours have been!

When news came down last week that Katy Perry was releasing the Official music video for her new song "Part of Me" on March 21st at 7:30pm, I knew I had my work cut off for me! We had just filmed CeCe's version of the brand new track on the Saturday prior (March 10th) and I hadn't even started the edit yet. faced with a creative dilemma, I put my brain to the test and began toiling away at making this the best video it could be in the shortest amount of time!

Here's a little Behind the Video: Wanting a "colorful" and "empowering" feel for the new cover video, CeCe suggested finding an area filled with amazing street art. Well, in St. Louis, MO the best place to find the most creative and beautiful graffiti is at the levee wall on Leonard K. Sullivan Blvd., just next to the Mississippi River.

The painted wall stretches for at least two miles south of the Arch, showcasing some of the most talented street artists in the St. Louis Metro area. While we were there, we were lucky enough to encounter a few of them, who were kind enough to let us film them as they worked. DRONE, DEATH, DESU and KARNAGE allowed us to film them in action and even took a minute to permanently mark CeCe's place on the wall. 

I also decided to experiment with some stomp motion photography and shoot continuous photos of CeCe walking around the riverfront, with the graffiti wall in the background. I was extremely happy with how they turned out and am possibly looking forward to doing an entire video in stop motion in the very near future!

Anyway, that's all for now, expect new videos from Kyle Jordan Mueller (with The Dangerous Summer) and SteryoType Clothing real soon!

Thanks for watching,