CeCe launches "Part of Me" on 3/21!

So Katy Perry divorces Russell Brand... so, naturally she has to release a song about it right?

Yep. She did.

Well, CeCe did not miss a beat and ran into the studio with Andrew Kremer at AKAudioMedia and Cut a quick cover of the new track, just in time for the Official Video release on March 21st.

MTV (apparently they DO still play videos) will premiere the new Katy Perry video at 7:30pm on Wednesday evening and we will have CeCe's cover up and streaming on the internet earlier that day!

If you are a Katy or CeCe fan, you will LOVE this video, it's fresh and different from the other videos you have seen CeCe do in the past. I am very excited to release it and had a blast directing it!

Stay tuned,