Russian Roulette, Rabbits, Motorcycles and Mardi Gras...

I'm talking bout my February so far kids. Its been crazy.

I had a slow January, which allowed me to focus on Post-Production on The Stakes (formerly "The Game"). We filmed over January 7-8th and I quickly jumped into editing the film over the next three weeks. After finishing the initial edit, the film is currently going through the sound process (music and foley). A trailer is almost finished and should be on the web within a week's time. Just as a reminder, the film will not be released online. In order to see it, you will have to physically leave the comfort of your home, cubicle, bathroom, etc and head to a local showing or film festival to see it. Which I hope you will, cause it's pretty damn good and it would mean a lot to moi.

This month, I have had a new project every weekend. Shooting a web promo for Ritter Cycle Racing in St. Jacob, IL, a look in the studio of CeCe's first original recording and a trip down to Mardi Gras to film a promo for the cover band, Queen's Blvd. All of that leads into this weekend, when I will be travelling to Decatur, IL to film my first music video since October, with R&B singer D-Willz.

With more projects on the horizon, spring is looking to fill up quickly! So if you are interested in any kind of video work, please DO NOT HESITATE to contact me at

Depending on your budget, we can now film your project in 4K (and above) resolution on RED, or in 1080p on DSLR. Feel free to ask for price quotes.