The X Factor Comes To An End For CeCe Frey

I'm a little late at getting to this (by a week), I was on a shoot all weekend working for Lamplight Films on the new music video for Country artist, Beckey Kelly. In the days before, CeCe was back at it battling for her life on the TV show "The X Factor."

Wednesday night saw a pair of performances from the contestants, one stripped down and acoustic, the other - a fan picked song that allowed them all to show off their stellar stage shows one final time. For CeCe, she came out the gate with a piano driven, cabaret version of Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory."

She then followed that up with a arena sized rendition of Katy Perry's "Part of Me," which you may remember from her cover version earlier this year. The world had the choice between "Part of Me," Ke$ha's "Die Young" and one other one that I can't remember nor find on the internet right now haha. So what seemed like a shoo in for CeCe, turned out to be her final (and this time, I mean FINAL) battle cry against the judges.

While their opinions were mixed between the two performances, L.A. Reid admitted to feeling a bit wishy washy by having a love-hate relationship with CeCe's performances on stage. Simon Cowell unfortunately had the final word, claiming that CeCe was just not "worth a 5 million dollar contract."

Well really... who the hell is anymore?

Like I mentioned in my previous blog (BELOW), the competition was getting fierce, and the top 3 had been pretty much unchanged since the show started its live run back in late October. With the semi-finals looming and only the the top 4 contestants making it out of Thursday's show, it seemed inevitable that it would be CeCe's final night.

So with the lowest number of photos, CeCe was the victim of Thursday night's Sudden Death elimination. But what struck me as odd, was she did not receive the customary send off video and final thoughts from the judges. She was almost unceremoniously ejected from the competition with no explanation. I sent CeCe a personal message that night that stressed how proud I was of her and far she had come. It was truly an honor to work with someone as talented and driven as she is and I have always told her that when I turn that camera on, the magic just seems to happen when she's in front of it.

This week, she was back in L.A. for the "X Factor Pre Show" and rumour has it, she will be on the road with the contestants as a part of The X Factor Live Tour. Which is really exciting! and I guess means I will have to buy a tickets when the tour rolls through.

One Final word on CeCe's time on the X Factor... The Hollywood Reporter, published an online interview with Miss X to the O, where she talks about meeting Ke$ha immediately after her elimination and her thoughts on being pushed out the door by the producers

You can check that article out HERE: 
'X Factor's' CeCe Frey on Being Inspired by Adam Lambert, Getting Advice from Ke$ha: 'I'm Ready To Raise Hell' (Q&A)

Also, to all of her fans who have been tweeting and e-mailing me: As of now I have had no word from CeCe about the fate of her previous videos. Though I would absolutely LOVE for the world to see the art that we created together, I cannot released said footage without her permission and I will make sure to let you guys know as soon I do.

Have fun!