CeCe Narrowly escapes Elimination on X Factor!

CeCe hit the stage on Wednesday night's first X Factor LIVE show with a rockin rendition of Patti Smith's "Here Come The Night." I watched the following day with no clue of how the evening would turn out, but was blown away by how transformed CeCe had become into a mega star. I mean, just a few months ago we were in Kyle Jordan Mueller's basement filming against a green screen for her cover of "Wild Ones" and now she putting on a Britney-esque performance (not on IN FRONT OF Britney) but also in front of millions of viewers WORLDWIDE!

Unfortunately, things did not go CeCe's way and the judges ultimately criticized her vocals by chalking it up to "nervousness." The thing that gets me, is that they also claim that her performance was NOT CeCe... I thinks it was quite the opposite. I think it was 110% CeCe, and the entire perforamce (from the dancers to the makeup to the wardrobe) was all a personification of her style and creativity. I think the judges, Simon Cowell especially, only want to see the softer side of CeCe and not the "Rocker" side that she works so hard to maintain. Anyway, this left CeCe in Demi Lovato's "Bottom Two" and facing elimination on the following night's LIVE show.

Luckily, she made her presence known once again in front of those millions of viewers and established herself as a REAL contender in this competition, taking down Willie Jones and remaining in the game! I have to admit, I have been swept up in the Hunger Games aspects of this show and am now eagerly waiting to find out what happens next.

A year ago, I knew that I only wanted to work with the MOST talented artists in St. Louis before making my way to the west coast. And thus far, I truly have.