Student Film -"Swing" Finally Hits the Internet

I've had the opportunity to be behind the camera for a handful of Student Films this year, and I am pleased to be posting, what I think, is one of my favorites. "Swing" was written and directed by my good friend Joshua McNew from class at the University of Missouri - St. Louis.

It's a short drama about a championship boxer faced with the painful reminder of his father's mental and physical abuse as a child. When his father returns after some time away, both of them must face their demons and accept the fact that fighting runs in their blood. Loosely based on the relationship between boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father, "Swing" takes an emotional look at how the priorities of a parent can sometimes overshadow the development of their child. The film stars Maurice Walters II (of "The Stakes") as the distant and abusive father and Topher Hall as the evasive, strong willed boxer.

I had a blast making this film over the course of 2 days this past October and did a marathon edit in just a few short hours to have it ready for a class screening the next day.

I hope you enjoy!
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