Another week of X Factor... Another Victory for CeCe!

So after narrowly escaping the axe last week on The X Factor, CeCe was facing a tough road ahead as the competition continued to get smaller and the Top 3 contestants continued to remain solidified each week. With what seemingly looked like her final night on the show, Miss X to the O chose to go out with a BANG! Choosing the "Moulin Rouge" rendition of La Belle's "Lady Marmalade" as her Number 1 song choice this week.

With dancers in tow and dressed to the nine's, CeCe stormed the stage with the fierceness and confidence that has been missing for so many weeks since the judges started bringing her down to shape her into something she is not. With one last act of defiance and the blessing of her coach, Demi Lovato, CeCe proved once more why she is a force to be reckoned with.

So like I said, if she was going down, she was going down fighting and when the judges threw their two cents in, it became clear that they were a little swayed by her performance. L.A. Reid and Britney Spears conceded to liking the circus that she put on, but Simon Cowell had the most interesting opinion of them all. the man who has been a see saw of opinion during this entire contest, never seems to be satisfied with the product that CeCe puts out. This time around he said that while she had stepped it up a notch, she had given him too much and that she should "pack her bags."

I sensed a ploy in his voice, as if whatever Simon says steers the audience in another direction, I had seen it in the past on American Idol and I was seeing it once more here. His negative remarks were actually a veiled vote of confidence to help CeCe stick around for another week. So the following night when it was time to learn what the world had decided, it would turn out to be a night full of shocking turns of events. First off the Sudden Death elimination, which has become a staple of the competition each week, claimed Paige Thomas as its victim. After putting up such a strong performance of Rick Astley's viral hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" and proving that she could really shine as a pop superstar, Paige was cut loose, leaving Demi Lovato with only CeCe left in her stable of artists.

Then came the ominous Top 5...

CeCe's hard work and determination paid off once more, when the votes came through and put her once again in 5th Place, saving her for another week. I was glad to see Diamond White at the bottom, In my personal opinion, I think that she should have never been brought back into the competition after being eliminated from the Top 16. I think that in a competition like this, once you are eliminated, that should be it. You failed to prove your worth in a do or die situation and your loss is your fault. CeCe has proven herself time and again in the sing off rounds and every time she has emerged the victor.

Diamond White's face off against Vino Alan found the older singer going home after a last minute song change ultimately cost him the competition.

But, I think that CeCe is honestly living on borrowed time at this point, the competition is getting down to the heavy hitters and seemingly no one will be able to beat Tate Stevens and Carly Rose in the Top 2 spots. The two of them are getting a lot of press and support around the country for obvious reasons and the stronghold that is their fan base might be impossible to break at this point. With Vino shockingly gone now, I think Emblem 3 will claim the third spot, with their boyish (annoying) charms that speak to the loins of every teenage girl, they should safely make a secure stance in the final rounds.

If she can outlast Diamond and 5th harmony I will be amazed, but I think that Diamond might have a resurgence next week since she was at the bottom this week and 5th Harmony could easily fall since there really isn't a market for female singing groups right now. So what happens when CeCe has to go head to head with 5 girls at once?... I can't wait to find out.

The more and more I watch the show, I feel like I am watching a real life "Street Fighter," mixed in with a little "Hunger Games" and "Scott Pilgrim vs the World." I am excited to see how this ends with only a few more weeks left to go, but as always I wish CeCe the best of luck in her journey. She has done everything right thus far and I know that she can truly rise out of this TV show as a superstar.

Hopefully, the excitement will continue next week!

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