CeCe Fights her way out of another Elimination!

If you are new to my site and are wondering why I am so obsessed with The X Factor this season, it's because one of my best clients is a current contestant. Miss CeCe Frey, has been kicking ass and taking names for the last few weeks on the show and this week was tasked with having to sing her way out of another elimination round... on Thanksgiving!

The week started Wednesday, when she gave an emotional performance of Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" dedicated to her late-sister. 

This was the strong type of performance that the judges have been asking of her each and every week, and it showed when they each went to cast their opinions. Unfortunately, it is usually the opposite of their votes that sits with the general public. And sure enough on the following night, 10 Contestants were whittled down to 8, when first the R&B crooner, Arin Ray was abruptly eliminated in a sudden death round and then CeCe found herself in the bottom two with 13 year old, Beatrice Miller.

Some people can disagree with me all they want, but CeCe is in her PRIME and when faced against a 13 year old opponent, who has yet to develop into her voice, I think the choice was pretty obvious. Sure enough with a 3-1 vote, the judges chose to send Beatrice home and keep CeCe one more week, with a certain air of uncertainty still lingering.

While the competition continues to get stiffer and the Top 3 remains solidified week by week, its almost certain that Miss X to the O's time on the show will be coming to an end shortly. But let's just hope she can hang in there for a lil while longer!

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