CeCe Stuns the World! - Placing 5th This Week!

After coming in the Bottom Two for the last few weeks on The X Factor, it seemed as though CeCe's time on the show was beginning to run out. With voting mostly in the hands of the audience at home, it was up to them to decide where she would rank on this week's show.

The theme was DIVAS this week, and CeCe went with Eric Carmen's "All By Myself" made famous by Celine Dion. 

Taking note from the judges critiques over the last few weeks, she made the safe decision by performing a straight ballad, the same tactic which has gotten out of jams in the past during the competition. Unfortunately, the hypocritical gang of celebs seemed to be thinking the opposite and criticised her song choice and execution. Even Simon Cowell, CeCe's unexpected champion in the past, called her performance "Cabaret." 

The one that got me the most riled up, was Britney Spears' simple response: "Sorry, I just don't get it." I mean, I know I'm not one to talk... but when did Britney Spears become an expert on singing competitions? Obviously her presence is bigger than life and as a former teen star, she can really guide the teen category in the right direction, but we are talking about someone who's live shows consist mostly of lip synced dance escapades. Not to mention, every episode of this season she comes across like a coked out has been with too much make on to cover up her accelerated age from booze and drugs NOTE: Britney Spears is 3 years older than me, but yet looks like she's a decade older.

Sorry, I needed to rant. (I should be careful though, I know WetPaint.com has been keeping an eye on my site, haha).

So when all was looking bleak for the farm girl from Decatur, IL. the votes from America came through!

Jumping 7 spots from last week, CeCe made a stance in the competition and proved that she could hang with the top dogs. So here's to another successful week on The X Factor and with any luck, let's hope it continues for your girl.

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