CeCe breaks the bottom 2 AGAIN!

With all of the preparation for the premiere of The Stakes last week, I forgot to blog about CeCe's win in last week's X Factor.

The assignment that week was to rock out a famous song from a movie sountrack and MissXtotheO chose "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky III. On a personal note, I have never been a fan of this song, as much as I love the Rocky franchise... I have never really been THAT into this song and I actually find it quite annoying. But needless to say, CeCe took to "the challenge of her rivals" and beat the hell out of the song like Rocky Balboa did to Clubber Lang.

Plus her trademark leopard print made a distinct return in new fashion, which I thought was a nice touch. And fire... Seriously, FIRE on stage!

That pretty much sold the performance for me, but it didn't impress the judges. LA Reid felt like it was strong, but just wasn't doing it for him, while Simon Cowell (who has surprisingly been a CeCe suporter in the past) admitted that Demi Lovato has pretty much been "cocking" up CeCe's song choice.

CeCe has been a huge fan of Demi for some time, and I still believe that CeCe's version of Demi's "Skyscraper" is still better than the original. But here for the first time, I am starting to think that their match up is gonna cause CeCe's eventual downfall on the show. It just does not seem to be meshing. And part of that (I believe) is because Demi Lovato is just not as talented or original as the press make her out to be.

So... the next night, CeCe found herslf in the bottom two once again, this time facing off against flamboyant showman, Jason Brock (who, I absolutely LOVED btw). 

Once again, CeCe hit the judges with a ballad (Her saving grace several times over during this competition). And while pretty much putting her words into the song form, she told the judges and the audience watching at home that they "hadn't seen the last of her." And it wasn't.

After the judges were deadlocked in their votes. The audience's voting at home determined that Jason Brock was the official loser and CeCe was granted a pass to stick around for another week.

Whew, intense.
On to next week!