KJM Gets All METAL... in a CAVE!!

It's been a quick minute since the last time I was able to bring you a NEW Kyle Jordan Mueller video, but alas... HERE IT IS!

After touring with The Dangerous Summer this past spring and hitting up spots on Warped Tour this summer, KJM had a strong urge to come back to his roots with a straight Screamo cover, and the track he ultimately chose was Of Mice and Men's "O.G. Loko."

When first approached about the concept, I welcomed it with open arms! For the last year, I have collaborated with Kyle on videos that strictly stayed in the vein of Pop/Top 40 and for the first time (besides his TDS cover video) he wanted to do something completely outside of the box. I knew right away that this direction would not be suited for shooting inside a recording studio, so he reached out to a few unique locations, including the one he ultimately chose, Crystal City Underground.

Located in Crystal City, MO (about 20 minutes South of St. Louis), CCU is a large underground tavern and amphitheater that host many live bands and other local events in a vast cavern that stretches along the banks of the Mississippi River. Upon entering the cave I was completely blown away by the Jurassic Park-esque quality it portrayed. Rain was beating down on my windshield as I approached a large metal gate that guarded a narrow wooden bridge, overlooking a rather brisk stream of water. Fog covered the roadway across the stream and I physically had to get out of my Jeep to open the gate.

Once across, I entered the first of two cavern areas, bitch black and damp. That led to another opening, which appeared to be in the middle of a rock quarry, on the other side of which was the official entrance to Crystal City Underground.

Inside of the Cave was a bar, a theatre, Frisbee golf, 4-Wheelers, a giant stage and more probably left to be explored by those braver than I. Not to mention Kyle Mueller, who was already set up on top of a giant metal festival stage that seemed to have been on loan from the original Woodstock. Deep within the cold cavern, I filmed Kyle going to town on some double bass fills and nearly destroying his beautiful cymbals.

I hope you enjoy and as always, please leave your comments below.