Vice Vega Ships off for Los Angeles...

Bah! It was only a matter of time, but on October 8th, Vice Vega will officially be headed to the west coast... permanently.

The band played its final St. Louis show on Sept 15th to a packed crowd at indie favorite venue, The Firebird. The show was a farewell to all of the bands family, friends and fans who have supported them over the last 10+ years, throughout their various incarnations. The set, I am happy to say, did not only cover their most recent repertoire, but also included a couple of hits from their days as OPTION//CONTROL.

So... where do I begin?

About 9 years ago, I met an up and coming pop-punk musician named, Steve Neske. We had both been in established bands since the late 90's and were recent attendees of Webster University in St. Louis. I was introduced to Steve in the school's University Center by my lead singer and best friend, Emilio Hernandez (Nothing Still). Even though Emilio and Steve had gotten to know each other fairly well by having class together, something about Steve and I clicked, and we found some sort of spark between us that formed a solid comradery from that day on.

Over the course of the next few years, we had fun, played music, dropped out of school, promoted shows, got drunk, wore dresses and did other unmentionable things that built the foundation of our friendship today. And while at times, we were competitive and even jealous? of one another, I knew that we had a connection that was unlike any other.

When I decided to take some time away from playing music and focus on filmmaking, I knew that I could use my connections in the local music scene to help build a portfolio. The first band I turned to was OPTION//CONTROL. Besides my own, they were the only other band in St. Louis that I felt like I just "GOT" and I knew that I had a creative vision for their equally (if not MORE) creative music. You can revisit our works together in the MUSIC VIDEO section of the site, but without them, I for sure would not be a busy and successful? as I am today.

So it is with a heavy heart that I have to say good bye to my friends, for now. Hopefully soon I will finally get to visit them in the City of Angels, and if I'm lucky... get to move out there myself.

Visit their Website, Facebook, Twitter, whathaveyou... and show them some love before they leave the MidWest for good!

You can READ the article about their move from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch HERE: 

Vice Vega, formerly Option//Control, heads to LA for a reboot

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