KJM Leaves For Tour - Gets Over 3,000 Plays in Less Than 48 Hours!

I failed again... Last Friday night (cue the Katy Perry), the 27th, I was supposed to be down at a club called Heartbreaker's in downtown St. Louis. I was supposed to be there because Kyle Jordan Mueller was playing a live set of his cover songs along with a live DJ, DJ TYTY (of Tear Out The Heart). This was the second performance of its kind by the pair, the first occured last month... when, I passed out at home waiting for the witching hour to arrive, so I could head down to the club.

Well, this past Friday ran the same route, when as I was getting ready to enjoy the action thrill ride of Liam Neeson's newest romp The Grey, I checked my facebook and saw that the event was currently in production... I had thought that it was on Saturday.

To make matters worse, it was Kyle's last night in St. Louis until May, when he returns home from a tour with The Dangerous Summer (Hopeless Records). So twice now, I've missed an awesome opportunity to film a live performance of Kyle in action... and for that I apologize to all you die hard KJM fans.

Before Kyle left, we shot a BRAND NEW drum cover... pure. raw. drum. cover. No flashy production, no extra musicians. Just Kyle, myself and my camera... Oh, and Andrew Kremer, who runs AKAudioMedia in St. Louis, where we recorded the song/video on very short notice. Kyle chose the track "Miscommunication" by The Dangerous Summer to highlight the tour he was about to embark on and to introduce his fans worldwide to the band he was embarking with.

When I saw "worldwide"... I mean it, this dude has hardcore fans from British Columbia, Canada to Columbia, South America. It's serious shit (Dr. Emmett L. Brown). So we thrw together a completely improved intro to the video, letting fans in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, U.K., Belgium, Switzerland, Part Unknown, etc. where to see Kyle in person this Spring.

Unfortunately, as things look right now, this will be the last video I do with Kyle until May... so hang tight, keep your eyes peeled for new videos from other artists and, as always....

Stay tuned,