I believe two things in life... Never talk about Politics and Never talk about Religion. 

It's something that you have to learn first hand, especially as a teenager, but it is something that I will not fail to attempt to pass on to my children. So, in short, you will NEVER hear me speak about my Political or Religious beliefs on this, or any other website.

That was a Disclaimer. Today, we are dealing with the passing of the SOPA and PIPA acts against online piracy in the United States. Now, I'm sure that everyone has seen the videos, read the articles, posted their images and such, but let me take a second to talk about how these acts impact artists.

I ride the line of right and wrong when it comes to these acts. I am a young, upcoming filmmaker who desires to work in the film industry some day, but I currently make my money by filming other young artists, who record cover songs for YouTube. The SOPA and PIPA acts would not only destroy the structure of YouTube, which we love so much, but it would also put a hault to these talented artists getting their voices or talents seen/heard worldwide. Not only that, but it would also stop the distribution of my art.

As many of you know, I try my damndest to create original music videos and short films, outside of the cover videos that I direct for such artists as Kyle Jordan Mueller, CeCe Frey and others. We curently live in a world where young filmmakers like myself can have their works seen worldwide without the help of major studios or "Music Televsion." That is an unbelievable blessing and an opportunity that generations before ours would have killed to have. In less than One Year, my videos have reached over 630,000 viewers on YouTube alone, without the help of any internet meme or viral fad. Try to imagine the possibility of something like that 20 years ago. 

I spent 5 years of my life working in Music and Movie retail and I watched its steady decline as two companies I worked for went bankrupt and thousands of employees lost their jobs. I've seen (like so many others have) the movies that we love, become oversaturated with CGI and poor content, just to save a few bucks, as major production studios close their doors forever and constrict the amount of original content coming out of Hollywood. This is a life that I long to have, but yet the future seems so bleak.

I ride that line, just like everyone does. I enjoy our freedoms, but hate what it has done to an industry that I love so much.

The fact of the matter is, the SOPA and PIPA acts will not save the film industry, it will not save the music industry (which is a whole 'nother story altogether). In the long run, it will just cause more problems for the American public and progress us more into the future of 1984 than 2014. 

Do what you believe is right, but make informed decisions. Thanks for letting me speak my peace.