CeCe returns with Skyscraper

She's traded in one Mueller for another. CeCe is back again this time venturing solo, but with the help of Ryan Mueller, Kyle Jordan Mueller's younger brother. You may remember Ryan from the "Marry the Night" video last month, in which he was playing Bass along side the pair and Matthew Amelung. This time around we built a small fire in the woods and let Cecelia belt her vocals out as loud as she wanted in the dead of winter. 

I'm not partial to the artists I work with, I will admittedly let you know if you suck or not and most of the time, I will take note of that before choosing to work with an artist. Here is an example of the extreme opposite. I was well aware of CeCe's vocal ability before I began working with her in October, but this time around, she really blew my mind. 

I worked on this video for a week, without every having listened to the original song, by Demi Lovato. Upon completion, I decided to have a listen to the original track and was completely disgusted by what I heard. Lovato sounded like a wounded calf screaming for emminent death, while CeCe's version sounded sweet, sad and full of longing for a love she can not have. Lovato sounded like she needed to be back on diet pills.

Needless to say, I am very proud of CeCe's work and hope that those in Hollywood, that have already been eyeing her talent, really take notice after this one.

Keep up the good work and keep watching!