Pointfest 28: The Trailer

Three long months of work comes to an end as the 30-minute documentary "Pointfest 28: The Pop's Stage" will premiere live at Pop's Nightclub in Sauget, Illinois. The video features highlights from the local stage at Pointfest, a bi-annual festival put on by Saint Louis' 105.7 The Point. At every festival, Pop's Nightclub brings some of the best local bands to the show, allowing them the chance to play in front of thousands of fans that they would normally not be exposed to. On May 15th, 2011 I was in attendance for the first time, filming the 11 bands who played on that cold, wet, and miserable day. This documentary best represents what thsoe brave bands went through and how badly they wanted to play in front of the Saint Louis faithful.

The film will be split into two parts and released (as always) on YouTube and Vimeo.

Hold on to your butts.

By the way, Hummingbird Heartbeat had cleared over 47,000 views in only five days! More updates to come!