Hummingbird Heartbeat

This man has been hard at work, finishing two videos, producing a 30-minute documentary, and working a full 40-hour work week at my retail day job...but as of 1:00am this morning, it all paid off when I released this gem onto the world!

Above is the newest video from Kyle Jordan Mueller, this time joined by west coast sensation Savannah Outen. Together they recorded an original cover version of Katy Perry's "Hummingbird Heartbeat" and of course, I was there to film the damn thing! I was not alone this time though, for back in California Savannah's footage was filmed by the multi-talented Jake Coco, so much thanks and praise go out to him for a job well done!

I'm sure you will be seeing my plethora of statuses talking about the amount of views that this monster is gonna get, so keep an eye out and be prepared!

Much love.