How Is It Already Mid-July?

So the last couple of weeks have definitely flown by in the blink of an eye. My last update was on my birthday, July 1st, and I was looking forward to an already crazy weekend that included my party and filming OPTION//CONTROL opening for Maroon 5 at Fair Saint Louis.

Unfortunately things did not go as planned and on Sunday, July 3rd, a storm rolled through downtown Saint Louis that not only canceled the fair's events for that day, but also brought about the destruction of OPTION//CONTROL's equipment.

As we were hurried to shelter during the storm, which we have aptly named "Monsoon 5," the band was left with a false sense of security for their equipment, as stage hands tended to having it covered from the rain.

Inside a small single-wide trailer, we were crammed inside with Maroon 5's other opening act and we all waited as the monster storm just seemed to grow and grow. To make a long story short, the band grew restless and ran out to make sure that their equipment had been secured...which it had not.

I was lucky enough to have filmed many of the day's events and am currently working on a short video diary for the band to show their fans.

Last week I filmed another incredible drum cover with Kyle Jordan Mueller. He has collaborated with singer Savannah Outen to create an original cover version of an upcoming hit single (I will not say who or what 'til it comes out). I would expect to see the video within this week on YouTube.

Other than those two immediate projects, I continue to work on the Pointfest 28 video that will be coming out in August and with the release of Final Cut Pro X a few weeks back, I am now able to make the video even better than it was originally coming together. I am very stoked for its completion and am looking forward to future projects with the new matter how many video editors hate on it.

More updates soon...I swear.