I'm Crazy Busy...Sorry For The Delay

So, seriously...if I don't update the site for awhile, I promise that it means that I am insanely busy with shit beyond my control.

In the last two weeks, I have been stacked with projects, which I hope means that my hard work has been paying off thus far. On May 15th, I got a chance to film some footage for Pop's Nightclub at Saint Louis' bi-annual Pointfest, hosted by 105.7 The Point. I suffered a grueling 11 hours of getting beat down by rain and wind to get, what I believe, is some of the most epic and cinematic footage of Saint Louis local bands ever seen!

I am not fucking kidding around...

I'm really excited about what the end result of this project will be...I'm not gonna' speak about it just yet, but just know it will probably engulf my entire summer.

In other completely stoked news...
Tomorrow I am filming two new drum cover videos for independent touring drummer Kyle Jordan Mueller. He has done cover versions of such pop icons as Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Jay-Z, and more, and as a fellow drummer, I envy his creativity and originality. I'm hoping that our partnership on this project will produce some unique looking videos that will further promote his amazing talent. 

Check out his already large portfolio of drum covers at kylejordanmueller.com.

I will be back soon!