"The Boy Wonder" Is Now Online

After another two months of work, "The Boy Wonder" is now online and streaming on YouTube and Vimeo!
I would like to thank everyone who helped put the short film together and especially those who took time out to come and act in it (Zack Long, Caleb Frazier, Matthew Watson, Christina Murray). Your involvement means the world to me and I absolutely could not have done this without you...of course I could have found other people, but then again...it just would not have been the same. ;-)
So what's next?
Today at 10:00am, I am graduating from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis. I have been going hard the last two years since I transferred over from Webster University in 2009 and am leaving with a perfect...I said perfect 4.0 GPA over five semesters!
Let's hope that can keep me out of the funemployment line.