Week Two In Production

So another weekend went by with more footage being filmed for my upcoming short film. As you can see on the main page, the title for the film is "The Boy Wonder"...I wonder what that could mean...and it is tentatively planned for release on Friday, May 13th.

This weekend, we filmed footage with my good friend, Matthew Alexander Watson, in the city of Clayton, Missouri. Now while I won't show actual footage from the film, I will let you see a short outtake, which had me rolling on the floor behind the camera...enjoy!

If you look at this shot, I'm absolutely pleased with the impromptu lighting set up I put together...until it fell and the bulb burst. Unfortunately we had to move on and finish the scene with as much natural lighting as we could get. 

A big chunk of the proudction is taking place this weekend and should pretty much wrap up the whole thing.

In other news, we had a huge party at The Oz Nightclub for the release of the Saw Her There director's cut. Right now you can view the director's cut on my Vimeo page, but it will be on here in just a few days, after I am able to do some redesigning.

More updates soon.