Update On New Project!

Sorry for the delayed update, I had a crazy week coming back from Atlanta, recutting the OPTION//CONTROL video, and playing with Saucy Jack!

Right now I am staring down the barrel of finishing college, with four weeks left to go and a new short film looming on the horizon. So let me take a minute to tell you about it...

With total secrecy, I have been screwing around with this idea for the last year, but have not had the capabilities needed to film it since. My good friend Matthew Alexander Watson and I were working out at Club Fitness when we began to nerd out on one of our favorite comic book characters. We kind of brainstormed an idea for how we would picture the ultimate ending of that movie to be and thus a short film was born.

Fast-forward a year and I am just coming off of two successful productions, including my first short film Home. With that behind me, I was able to envision the film I have been wanting to make since that night in the gym. My final project at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis is to make a 5-10 minute film with sound and dialogue, so the story fit perfectly!

So, in the last few weeks, I got back together with Matthew Watson and began forming the story arc for how our short movie would play out. While I wrote the majority of the dialogue, Matt was able to analyze it and really bring out some of the psychological aspects that I had overlooked. The best description that I could give (without giving too much away) is "a look at the home life of one of the world's most famous superheroes."

As of now, we have almost all of the locations locked down for the production, which will be taking place in less than two weeks. We just filmed at one of Saint Louis' most beautiful areas, Washington University, for some of the exterior shots. I am also stoked to announce that my good friend, Zack Long, has agreed to play the main role in the film.

So stay tuned and follow my tweets for more info on the production.

Until next time.

P.S. Saw Her There is about to break 1,000 plays on YouTube! Thanks so much for watching!