Any One Of Us: V-Day 2011

Tonight was the first performance of "Any One Of Us" by Even Ensler at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis' Pilot House. The play, one of the Vagina Monologues, was for V-Day 2011 (a worldwide festival raising money to support women everywhere).

I have never dabbled in stage directing before, but when I was offered the opportunity back in November, I could not turn it down. I see theatrical directing as the proper stepping stone to film directing, as the stage play is the origin for the on-screen movie. For this production, I was blessed to be paired up a co-director, Ashley Alcamo, who I absolutely could not have done this without. Even though this is both our first time directing for theatre, she has brought so much knowledge and attention to detail to the table that I have been truly inspired for my future projects.

I will probably post more after tomorrow's performance, but a big "thank you" goes out to all the women who came and auditioned and dedicated their own time to make this thing happen in just three short weeks!

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