A Very Ludo X-mas 2011

A few years back (2007), I had the honor of opening the Very Ludo X-mas show at The Pageant in St. Louis, MO with my band, Nothing Still. Playing in front of 2,200 people (a Sold Out crowd) was by far, the highlight of our career and a memory I will never forget. This past Saturday, it was as if I had stepped in the Delorean and gone back in time (cue the Huey Lewis music), cause I once again found myself on that stage, overly decorated with giant inflatable Christmas lawn ornanments and reeking of Glade pine air freshener. 

This time around, it was OPTION//CONTROL who got to open for the local group, gone national sensation and they too got to experience what it was like to play in front of a jam-packed, music thirsty crowd. I knew from experience that it would be a night worth remembering and brought a long a talented crew of cameramen to capture the night in its entirety. Along with Casey Watson and photographer, Joey Nguyen, we documented the entire day's events beginning with the band at it's afternoon rehearsal. We caught the excitement, the nerves, the anger and the fun that comes along with playing a life changing show of this caliber. 

Check out photos by the super talented Todd Owyoung on the Riverfront Times website:

Ludo's 2011 X-Mas Show At The Pageant

And an article about the gig (with great commentary about OPTION//CONTROL) on InsideSTL.com:

A Very Ludo X-Mas Returns to The Pageant!


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