Stuff You Will Hate... You're Right.

I love press, there's no fucking doubt about that... and I have gotten plenty of press off of Tear Out The Heart's video for "Come At Me, Bro!," but this latest one takes the cake (so far).

In a format similar to my fav,, users submit random shit that they like in order to be hated upon by the authors of the site. Lucky us, that TOTH was one of those submitted, but thankfully did not receive the brutal lashing that some of you might suspect. 

Comparing the band to such greats as Killswitch Engage and Iron Maiden, the shit talking from the submitter, is actually numbed by the sincerity of the author, who generally seems to like what he sees/hears.

Except for the shameless self-promoting clip at the end of every one of my videos. "LOL"... I'm not really sure what that means in this case. This guy has a knack for creating multi-tiled backgrounds on his website, I guess maybe I'll come to him next time I need a promo.

Thanks Bro.... wanna come at me?