New KJM cover clears 2,500 plays in 48 hours!

I'm gonna get to talking bout my crazy weekend in a minute, but first things first!

On Monday morning, way fuckin early btw (like 4am), we here at officially released the new Kyle Jordan Mueller cover video for Beyonce's "Love On Top." Some of you may know this as the infamous song that B played at this year's VMAs and rubbed her tummy to proclaim these second coming of Christ (better known as Jay-Z's baby). Let me step away from Kyle for a second and just say... Is this birth gonna be as fucking huge as I think it is?

I mean, we've got two of the world's most talented musicians, and they are going to combine their DNA into one offspring of potential super-talent. Jayden and Willow Smith better be cashing in that 15 minutes of theirs because Shawn Carter Jr. is gonna be putting them out of buisness the moment it opens its eyes. And the upcoming press bonanza that will be covering its entrance to the world will put Suri Cruise's to shame and probably land on the cover of every supermarket tabloid and silk screened bootleg t-shirts (I would like mine on a hoodie). Of course, I wish Beyonce and Jay-Z the best of luck with their new careers in parenthood, just keeps the hits coming, so I can make more videos that exploit their popularity.

Speaking of, in less than 48 hours, Kyle's new drum cover has hit 2,7XX plays and rising. It has a lot of competition though, with our past 2 videos totalling over 200,000 plays worldwide. With the song itself released as a single earlier last month, we were hoping that it would achieve a "Super Bass"-like status in the viral universe, but it has since been bouncing back and forth on the charts... SO Columbia Records, I ask you now... stick to your guns and promote the fuck out of this song, so Kyle and myself can be drinking Amaretto Sours on Malibu Beach in a few months, laughing about recording videos in basements and wondering what time The Roots will be showing up to record a new cover video Kyle's own personal studio.

Until then,