The NEW Kyle Jordan Mueller Swag Shop

I promise, I'm not secretly behind the release of the new Kyle Jordan Mueller swag shop in order to further generate more cash flow for myself off of the success of our drum cover videos.

Actually, Kyle's popularity has begun to spread worldwide with fans writing him and imitating him from Brazil to Spain to Latvia. Seriously, this dude told me just today that he has kids on Facebook that are using his photo as their default pic! I shit you not.

So naturally, it has come time to release an online shop of KJM merchandise. And right off the bat, you can purchase (for only $20) his red "#KJM" shirt from "Love On Top," the iconic "Sorry I'm Not Sorry" from the mega successful "Super Bass" vid and the black "Come At Me Bro" top from "Hold It Against Me." Also for sale are autographed drumsticks and drum heads, not to mention - all shirts come autographed as well.

Visit the KJM Swag Shop HERE:

Happy buying and support you local arts program.